The Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya str.: Every building – a historical manuscript

The history of the very title ‘Dragomilovskaya’ dates back to the XIII century, when the first written reference to it appeared. The locality of the modern street was called ‘Dorogomilovo’, by the name of Ivan Dorogomilov, who was the landlord of the district. Originally the title Dragomilovo belonged to the area which was located on…

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Profitable houses of “the Hydrochloric court yard”, street Solyanka 1/2. The Basements of Solyanka

The Basements of Solyanka   Under the houses of  “the Hydrochloric court yard” there is the whole system of vast basements and caves – former underground merchant storages, a separate car-entrance in that is visible from the extreme right arch of right corps. Basements with columns, high vaults, wide corridors and many internal apartments is…

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