8 700 000 RUB

  г.Svetlye Gory, highway Pyatnickoe

Pyatnitskoye Shosse


5 комнаты

Features 3-storeyed building without interior finishing on a plot of about 8.6 acres. In SNT Montazhnik in 9 km from MKAD on the Pyatnitskoye highway.
Ground floor, 1st floor – the frame is 12 X 11 meters, 2nd floor – timber.
Inserted all the Windows, roof-shingles. Near the forest, river Sinitchka. 10 minutes walk from bus stop to metro Pyatnitskoe highway.
Year-round access to the house (up to SNT asphalt, on-site road plates), SNT territory is guarded, there is video surveillance. Adjacent land is sold, you can attach.

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