Profitable houses of “the Hydrochloric court yard”, street Solyanka 1/2. The Basements of Solyanka

The Basements of Solyanka


Under the houses of  “the Hydrochloric court yard” there is the whole system of vast basements and caves – former underground merchant storages, a separate car-entrance in that is visible from the extreme right arch of right corps. Basements with columns, high vaults, wide corridors and many internal apartments is an interesting feature of architectural ensemble of profitable houses the “Salt court”. Basement occupies all space under the corps of house, courtyards and wide internal pass.

In 1970-1980th in basement of the house on Solyanka was used as a garage for police cars, but from a high humidity they quickly became unsuitability. At the reconstruction the garages were given to the owners of houses. A car-entrance is located in east part of house. Wide tunnels, leading in halls and large and little rooms. in the depth of the house have hidden the labyrinths stairs by that it is possible to go to the dwellings floors of the house. At different times  in the basements were garages, a bakery, and in our time someone even tried to take off there an apartment and make an office in him, however work without daylight, apparently, was not too productive, and office was closed.

Free entrance in basement at the beginning of 2000 were attracted here different sort of strange people diggers,. After the next arson of one of basement apartments municipal services have closed the basement, have made in there a relative order and arranged temporal illumination. The Basements on Solyanka are an unique engineering object of the time and historical monument which with some effort of municipal services, It can turn out excellent exhibition space: gallery of modern art or historical museum.

The Basements of Solyanka

The Basements of Solyanka

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