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"Я, Кондратенко Николай Семенович, приношу благодарность Кременской Анастасии за качественную работу по подбору арендатора и проведение сделки по сдаче в аренду моей квартиры/ Высокий профессионализм и грамотная работа Анастасии позволяют мне рекомендовать ее, как риэлтора, своим друзьям. 26.04.2017г."

Благодарственное письмо АН “Вертикаль” от МКО ДО “ДСЮШ №2”

Благодарственное письмо компании АН “Вертикаль”

Благодарственное письмо руководителю АН “Вертикаль” Долженко А.В.

Отзыв о работе с АН “Вертикаль”

It is hereby awarded for contribution to the cause of peace “REA VERTICAL” (LLC) duly represented by Dolzhenko Andrey Vladimirovich.

Development, Supporting and Public ideas campaigning Fund “Mirotvorets” duly represented by President Safonov Yuriy Evgenievich and Board of Guardians Chairman Pzhevskiy Egor Vladimirovich on behalf of all our Fund members thank you and your company sincerely for end-to-end collaboration and great support in organization of Annual International Forum of Peace.

Fund President Safonov Y.E.

Board of Guardians Chairman Rzhevskiy Y.V

Sertificate for”VERTICAL” real-estate agency

Dear Andrey Vladimirovich! Thank you for your great contribution to children sport development, for your care about young generation, for the care about physical, moral development and spiritual growth of teenagers. We wish you and your team the success in business activity, prosperity, peace and wellness.

Yours sincerely, Kharitonov E.A.

Director of a Municipal Public Institution

of Children Education

“Children & Youth Sport School No.2”

A gratitude to Mr. Dolzhenko A.V., the head of “VERTICAL” real-estate agency

VESTA METAL Group of companies duly represented by Blinkov Anton Igorevich is very much appreciate having deal with “Real-Estate Agency VERTICAL” LLC for effective collaboration in commercial space choice for our office and warehouse complex. For 7 years of our collaboration “REA VERTICAL” members brightly met the targets in full conformity with property placement requests and commercial limits.

We wish to VERTICAL (LLC) the success and creative power, prosperity of an undertaking, and we hope for mutually profitable business relationship.

General Director

Blinkov A.I.

A gratitude to VERTICAL real-estate agency

Отзыв о работе с АН “Вертикаль”

Отзыв о работе с АН “Вертикаль”

“C&K Company” (LLC) presided Kulkin Nikita Sergeevich, the General Director, express gratitude to “Vertical” company and especially to Dolzhenko Andrew as a head for professional and responsible assistance in a commercial real estate searching for office blocks and retail property for our company needs.

We are convinced in our intentions to continue the cooperation with your company at any time thereafter.


General Director,

Kulkin N.S.

A gratitude to “VERTICAL” real-estate agency

Privately Entrepreneur Rubaylo Alexey Feodorovich and advertising production company “REKLAMERA” thanks in advance “VERTICAL” real-estate agency (LLC) for prompt and professional assistance in a search of required rented space.



Rubaylo A.F.,

Private Entrepreneur

A gratitude to “VERTICAL” real-estate agency

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